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Waste Reduction and Diversion

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Recycle Your Solar Eclipse Glasses!

Wondering what to do with those special solar eclipse glasses now that the eclipse is over? Before tossing them consider this options instead: 

Save them  for the next partial solar eclipses visible in New England: March 2025, August 2026, and January 2029. 

Donate them in-person: 


Donate them by mail: 


Please be aware that only US-made paperboard glasses that have the manufacturer's address and contact info and that bear the ISO logo can be donated. All other types are not accepted and will be discarded due to liability and quality issues. Any damaged lenses, perforations/tears/punctures that would allow radiation to penetrate through to the user's eyes will be discarded.

Porstmouth WRAD

Our Objective

Our goal is to identify and support ways for our community to reduce carbon emissions through waste reduction and recovery.  We have been working with the City of Portsmouth to support the existing program of keeping food scraps out of the waste stream through improved signage and public outreach.


What You Can Do

  • Compost for free at Portsmouth Recycling Center

  • Consider residential food scrap pickup service.  Check out Mr. Fox Composting

  • Educate yourself about biodegradables and compostables.  Nearly half of the solid waste produced globally is organic and biodegradable.  Much of it ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and produces methane gas, which is up to 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. 

  • Recycle more and use plastic less

  • Up-cycle with reusables

  • Petition the City to provide curbside food scrap pickup

Compost for Free

The City of Portsmouth, NH offers food scraps collection bins at the recycling center on Peverly Hill Road.  If you can't compost at home, fill your countertop container and bring it to the recycling center along with your other recyclable/divertible waste.

Portsmouth Recycling Center also takes things like motor oils, metals, and for a small fee, items with refrigerant, batteries, electronics and more.

Recycle & Dispose Safely
Portsmouth Recycling Center

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